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The CAVE is a modern presentation media, which allows the visualization of calculations and applications from the technical domain as well as from natural sciences. It enables the real-time visualization of interactive and highly complex graphics data in a walkable room. The graphics representation is generated by projection onto four orthogonally arranged projection walls in stereo. Using the available graphics processing power it is possible to process graphics data in real-time under the interactive control of the user and generate a representation on the projection walls. This generates the impression of moving within a virtual world for the user.

Curved Screen

The "Curved Screen" is a panorama display. Applications which are developed specifically for the this installation or the CAVE can be presented to a large audience. The display uses three projectors which generate a tiled image on a curved projection screen with the length of 10 meters. To generate a seamless image out of the three projections edge blending technology is used. Like the CAVE the Curved Screen uses active stereo technology to display images in 3D.


The ICatcher is a mobile 3D presentation system. One of the key features is the compact design, which allows fast and easy setup. The application areas range from 3D visualisation of scientific simulation results, 3D product presentations at exhibitions to the display of stereoscopic movies.

ReachIn Display

The Reachin Display is a haptics display which allows the user not only to see virtual objects but to touch and feel 3D geometries. The picture is projected with a common screen on a glass board and can be viewed with stereo glasses in 3D. The Phantom a haptics input and output device with 6 degrees of freedom is located below the glass board. Training of operations would be just one of the many application areas.

Autostereoscopic display

With the help of the autostereoscopic display the user is able to view stereoscopic images without using 3D glasses. A TFT-Display generates column by column alternating images for the left and the right eye, which are deflected by a prisms mask. That way each eye of the user perceives a different image.

Head Mounted Display (HMD)

The Head Mounted Display is a helmet-like construction which consists of stereo speakers an two small LCD displays. The displays produce different images and generate in that way a three dimensional image of a virtual world. Additionally a tracking system can be attached which measures the position and the line of sight of the user.