Research projects

VR technology is used, when real experiments are compared to simulations to expensive, to dangerous or simply impossible. Examples would be the training or the planning of medical procedures, catastrophe training, modeling of molecules or the visualisation of combustion in closed systems.

Student projects

Since a while the lecture Virtual Reality in the CAVE is held by GUP. The goal of this course is teaching VR technology. Topics like scene graph programming by using OpenSG and OpenGL Performer, using the EON Studio or 3D modeling are taught. At the end of the lecture the students are able to develop applications for the CAVE, the Curved Screen, the I-Catcher or the ReachIn Display. On these pages you find information about the assignments of the past courses.

Industry projects

  • Industry projects
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The Johannes Kepler University Linz is always interested to cooperate with the industry. The main focus is on the interface between students and research projects from the industry. To support this the VR-Center is one of the best equipped facilities in Europe. If your company is interested in research cooperation in the area of Computer Graphics, Visualisations or Human Computer Interaction or you want to realise your projects using VR technology you should contact us via